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What is the Bio-Magnetic Field or Energy Field?

Many ancient cultures (particularly in the East) have long been aware of the energy field which surrounds each and every living thing. Our Earth has an energy field, without which it wouldn't be able to support life. The physical and spiritual aspects of life are completely inter-related, creating the whole. We are not just physical beings. The physical exists alongside the none-physical.

Most of us cannot perceive the human energy field, but trained healers and those walking the spiritual path can become aware of it through meditation and guided personal development.

There are energy centres within the energy field which are called chakras. These are revolving wheels of energy receiving vibrations from our surroundings (people, places & situations), which then process them before sending energy back out again. This is how we evolve as human beings, each chakra representing a different quality. There are also many other levels in our energy field, all of which interrelate to support the whole and influence our life experiences. When healthy, our energy field is very clear, bright and colourful, but most of us will at some time or other experience difficulties in some area of our lives. This will have a direct effect on the condition of our energy field. Over time, it may become weaker, blocked or out of balance and may not be in a good enough condition to provide us with the vital life forces to keep us healthy. It can affect us on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Therefore, illness first begins as imbalances which, left unchecked, filter through to the physical body to create dis-ease. Qualified Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioners and Specialists have the training to perceive such imbalances and will ideally work with the client before dis - ease reaches physical levels.

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