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Distant Healing

Any form of healing that can be found here can be sent distantly anywhere in the world. This idea may be challenging, but when we have learned to expand our consciousness and worked with 'energy' for a long time, we can begin to perceive that there is an energetic, universal grid which permeates the so-called 'empty space' between us. At this level of awareness, we can 'see' this as an energy highway of universal proportions. For example; this is how two inventors living on opposite sides of the world, who have never seen or known each other, can create the same invention at the same time. Everything is is inter-related at this level.

Distant Healing can be even more potent than healing in close proximity as a fast, direct link can be made. Sandra has experienced many instances where the healer and the client experience something profound simultaneously.

All you need to do in order to experience Distant Healing is to create a sacred space to lie down where you won't be disturbed. To begin the session, Sandra will call you on your land line or via WhatsApp where you will have the opportunity to speak about what concerns you. The call will then end in order for the healing to be sent. Sandra will then call you back to provide insight and guidance. You may be set some 'homework' between sessions as healing is all about personal empowerment.
To book a Distant Healing, donation only session please use the contact form below.


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