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Sound, Colour & Flower Healing

Sound accesses all levels of our being, bringing a 'distorted note' within us back into harmony through the process of resonance. Antique Tibetan bowls, crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes and vocalizations are used to help bring the Bio - Magnetic Field or Aura back into balance.

High colour saturation silk scarfs are used which have been specifically designed for Colour Healing. Once the scarfs are placed over the appropriate energy centres or 'chakras' and then infused with spiritual energy, the Bio - Magnetic Field strengthens and uplifts benefiting the client on physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels depending on which areas were worked on. 

Fresh flowers have a very high energetic vibration and can sometimes reach higher frequencies than crystals. They are very useful when there are very fine, subtle areas to reach. Sandra will select some of the wild plants and flowers that grow around her home which is a particularly 'enchanted' area of the Dartmoor National Park in the U.K.

Each technique can be used individually or combined with the other healing methods. They can all be sent distantly.

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To book a Sound, Colour and Flower, donation only session please use the contact form below...

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