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Crystal Healing

As with all of the other healing methods, Sandra will assess the condition of your Energy Field which includes looking at the primary meridian system, the chakras (not only the main seven), the subtle bodies and other  finer systems further out in the field. Once this has been done, Sandra will select the vibration which is appropriate for you. This means choosing the right frequency crystals and techniques to help bring your Energy Field back into balance. Each healing is bespoke, as we are all unique.

Crystals heal through resonance between the higher 'light', the healer, the crystals and the client. Once activated, the crystals also create harmonious frequencies between each other, which is why Crystal Healing can be so potent. It is not suitable for people with sensitive conditions, in which case an energy healing without crystals would be more appropriate.
It is important that a fully qualified Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner is chosen when working with the complexity of Crystal Healing, as a minimum of two years, tutor-lead training is required in order to work with crystals safely within the Energy Field. Crystal Healing can also be sent distantly to anywhere in the world.
Please see my blog if you would like to find out more.

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