About Sandra

Within meditation and attunement to 'the light', Sandra reaches a higher, more expanded level of consciousness which enables her to assess and then send healing to areas of imbalance within the Bio - Magnetic Energy Field (also known as the Auric Field) which energetically surrounds and supports  us. These imbalances can manifest as blocks in our energy flow, affecting us on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Sandra combines these higher energetic frequencies with the Earth's natural healing tools such as crystals, sound, colour and flowers, coupled with the appropriate healing techniques to help restore harmony to 'the field', ultimately raising the vibration of her clients. Each bespoke session is tailored to the individual.

After many years of running a successful healing and teaching practice in London Sandra decided to move to the spiritually enchanted area of Dartmoor National Park in the U.K, where she has the space to expand and enhance her own energy field whilst working in harmony with nature for the highest good of her clients and the Earth.




The VHF Diploma in Subtle Energy Medicine, MVHF

This is an in-depth, two year, tutor-lead course covering all aspects of energy work, particularly promoting the understanding of the safe use of crystals within the complexity of the Bio - Magnetic (or Auric) Field, coupled with the techniques to support it.


The VHF Postgraduate Subtle Energy Specialist Programme

This course includes a one year, tutor-lead, advanced crystal and energy course that includes a stress healing programme, a six weekend advanced development course relating to our subtle energetic make-up, a module on how to work with those suffering with addiction, a module on facilitating healing in a hospital or similar environment and a Bach Flower Remedy Diploma that includes in-depth energy work. Course ongoing; Bach Flower Remedy course to complete.



VHF Teacher Training Diploma

Subtle Energy Medicine Teacher Training for courses & workshops, coupled with personal inner-development. This course is accredited by The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine.

Sandra has taught the first year of the Diploma in Subtle Energy Medicine for the Vibrational Healing Foundation in London.



Sandra is a member of The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM), the accrediting umbrella for Subtle Energy Medicine Schools and has Practitioner membership. She is also a member of The Vibrational Healing Foundation (MVHF).

Crystals for healing

How Can Healing Help You?

Soul Purpose / Direction

Manifestation (Bringing Ideas into Physical Reality)

Personal growth / Spiritual development

Development of greater levels of joy and happiness

Anxiety reduction

Boundary / Protection issues

Physical / Emotional balance and stability issues

Clearing / Clarity / Focus

Creativity / Confidence issues

Communication issues

Connection to Higher Guidance

Life Changes / Transitions

Release from Stuck or Outworn Patterns

Stress Release

Pre - Post Operative Care

Energy to Support the whole of your Being



Dartmoor National Park, U.K.

Tel: +44 7732 567375

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