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 Sandra's Healing Journey...


My mother died of cancer when I was 18 months old, and so, on the deepest level, my journey has been about finding my way ‘home’. Ultimately, there was really nowhere else for me to go other than finding my spiritual path. 


My father re-married after a few years to the wonderful woman I now call ‘Mum’. I turned out to be a natural dancer and so, at 5 years old, my Mum took me to our local ballet teacher. As time went on, she ended up playing the piano for the class I attended. I was sensitive and a little introverted, but found that I opened up - was able to express myself - as soon as Mum started to play the beautiful classical music. 

I also loved to spend many hours with my dalmation dog, Domi, deep in the heart of nature. I found myself attracted to stones in little streams, enjoying the ‘feel’ of them in the palm of my hand, their unique patterning and rich, warm colours. I would take some of them home in my pocket, then later, varnish them to bring out the rich, earthy, colours I could see when they were wet. 

Continuing to work hard at my ballet throughout my young life, I eventually became a professional dancer. My first job was touring throughout South America in a show that was a lavish, magical, dance extravaganza. I landed in Brazil and found myself standing in one of their famous mineral shops gazing into draws of rubies, sapphires and emeralds. I started to feel a deep, soul connection with them. Back then, I had no idea where they would eventually lead me. 

I went on to open my own ballet school in London – 22 years of sharing the joy of dance, free expression with all those lovely young souls. There were also continuous exams to get my children through. 


But, behind the scenes there was a different story unfolding...  

After some difficult times, young and naïve, I left my husband for a man who turned out to be a very wounded soul whose violent rage was fuelled by alcohol. I was trapped for many years and couldn’t find a way out. Our relationship would have periods of happiness, but before long I could feel his energy changing and the merry-go-round would begin again. 

Until one day... 

On a warm, summer afternoon in London, feeling overwhelmed and completely lost in my situation, I looked out of the window to see the sunlight beaming into the garden. It was one of those days where you just simply have to get out there. Everything was ‘alive’, singing with beauty and light. I instantly and instinctively grabbed a clear quartz crystal which was shaped like a small wand with a point at its tip. I seemed to have an inner knowing which I can only now explain. I went into the garden, finding a private spot where I wouldn’t be overlooked, held the crystal directly up to the sun which filled it with light, started to circle it around my body from top down, then finally turned the point to make contact with the Earth. 

I became completely charged with energy, feeling powerful for the first time in a long while. My awareness seemed to expand, charged with vibrancy. I was clear and awake. I felt a deep energetic connection to the Earth. When I closed my eyes I could see intense colours, including violet, purple, sky blue, yellow, and gold. Following this there was a deep, inner stillness from which emerged the awareness that I could heal myself using crystals as tools. I had, and have, no idea how long this experience lasted as time seemed to stop. All I did, and do, know is that I had gone from being overwhelmed and lost to being energised, uplifted and with a strong sense of transcendent power.  

Following this awakening experience, and after months of research into the properties of crystals, during which I discovered contradictions, I sought a teacher with whom to train. I eventually found one with a great deal of spiritual knowledge and a deep awareness of the energetic properties of crystals. The ‘drama’ and ‘chaos’ in my personal life continued but I managed to carve out some space from which I could learn and do the energetic work the training required. I had found there is a narrow, golden pathway which can take you through what may seem insurmountable difficulties. It was simply time for me to re-remember something that my soul had experienced many eons ago.  

After deep reflection, I am now in a place where I can continue to love and thank my ex-partner for leading me onto this path.  We have both since moved on to pastures new - a direct result of all the energy work I have done. I was able to incorporate crystal healing techniques to strengthen my energetic boundaries so his rage couldn't touch me anymore. Healing gave me the space and freedom to grow on many levels and to ultimately put me in a position to help myself. As for my ex-partner, he has benefited by finding a relationship that may fit better for him at this time. 

Another aspect of my personal healing journey, after experiencing Menieres Syndrome, I was able to self-heal through the use of Unakite crystals within a particular energy healing technique. 

Now, after years of training, I have become a Healer and Teacher of Subtle Energy Medicine. I feel my calling is to help those who may be struggling, unable to see a way out, and ready to take responsibility for their own healing.


The place I most love to be is slap bang in the middle of a healing session when I am connected to ‘the light’ and the energies are flowing beautifully towards the soul I’m supporting. It is a privilege to hold the healing space for others on their journey. 


If you feel you need support just now you can contact me using the following link. 


I only offer help on a donational basis.  

I very much look forward to hearing from you. 




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How Does It Work?


Within meditation and attunement to 'the light', Sandra reaches a higher, more expanded level of consciousness which enables her to assess and then send healing to areas of imbalance within the Bio - Magnetic Energy Field (also known as the Auric Field) which energetically surrounds and supports  us. These imbalances can manifest as blocks in our energy flow, affecting us on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Sandra combines these higher energetic frequencies with the Earth's natural healing tools such as crystals, sound, colour and flowers, coupled with the appropriate healing techniques to help restore harmony to 'the field', ultimately raising the vibration of her clients. Each bespoke session is tailored to the individual.

After many years of running a successful healing and teaching practice in London Sandra decided to move to the spiritually enchanted area of Dartmoor National Park in the U.K, where she has the space to expand and enhance her own energy field whilst working in harmony with nature for the highest good of her clients and the Earth.

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The VHF Diploma in Subtle Energy Medicine, MVHF

This is an in-depth, two year, tutor-lead course covering all aspects of energy work, particularly promoting the understanding of the safe use of crystals within the complexity of the Bio - Magnetic (or Auric) Field, coupled with the techniques to support it.


The VHF Postgraduate Subtle Energy Specialist Programme

This course includes a one year, tutor-lead, advanced crystal and energy course that includes a stress healing programme, a six weekend advanced development course relating to our subtle energetic make-up, a module on how to work with those suffering with addiction, a module on facilitating healing in a hospital or similar environment and a Bach Flower Remedy Diploma that includes in-depth energy work. Course ongoing; Bach Flower Remedy course to complete.



VHF Teacher Training Diploma

Subtle Energy Medicine Teacher Training for courses & workshops, coupled with personal inner-development. This course is accredited by The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine.

Sandra has taught the first year of the Diploma in Subtle Energy Medicine for the Vibrational Healing Foundation in London.



Sandra is a member of The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM), the accrediting umbrella for Subtle Energy Medicine Schools and has Practitioner membership. She is also a member of The Vibrational Healing Foundation (MVHF).

Crystals for healing

How Can Healing Help You?

Soul Purpose / Direction

Manifestation (Bringing Ideas into Physical Reality)

Personal growth / Spiritual development

Development of greater levels of joy and happiness

Anxiety reduction

Boundary / Protection issues

Physical / Emotional balance and stability issues

Clearing / Clarity / Focus

Creativity / Confidence issues

Communication issues

Connection to Higher Guidance

Life Changes / Transitions

Release from Stuck or Outworn Patterns

Stress Release

Pre - Post Operative Care

Energy to Support the whole of your Being

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