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Loss and Transformation

I would like to share with you my recent experiences as they have been life-changing and profound. I very much hope there is something here that you may find helpful.

On New Years Eve, I lost my beloved 95 year old Father. My Mum and I looked after him at home, with carers coming in once a day to help. This was a very challenging and intense period but I wouldn't have changed it for the world. It was the most intimate time I shared with my Dad and being a healer meant I could also observe what was going on energetically during my Dad's last few months.

If we are given time, and have the will, there is an opportunity to let go of our physical belongings as we approach the end of life. Dad very generously gave his possessions away to those who would benefit most from them. He spent his life as a precision engineer and master craftsman, amassing a great many tools. They were very much a part of who he was, so letting go could be hard sometimes. The energetic after-effects of this process eased him into a higher vibration. As he was able to let go, everything became more and more about love.

The intimacy that I shared with my Dad manifested in pure heart-to-heart communication which, over time, lead to a feeling of our hearts merging into something much bigger. I found his increasing fragility to be a very beautiful thing as I could hold him in his helplessness just as he had done when I was a child. There were moments of frustration and also great dignity and humility which bring me to tears as I write. Each day was a battle to help him find moments of peace and comfort.

I decided that I could help by becoming a bridge for Dad between this life and the next and to help make his final days as peaceful as possible.

Dad was ready to go. He had been for a long time but each day he would wake up regretting that he hadn't "gone to sleep" during the night. As I observed my Dad's energy field, I could see a particular, last remaining, energetic thread connecting his spiritual body to his physical body. What this meant was that Dad still had to complete some life-lessons. As it turned out, I ended up being the one who inadvertently helped to clear this issue; the result being that Dad passed peacefully away a few hours later.

On my return home to Devon, often consumed by grief, I decided to take myself into my garden healing room to use crystal healing techniques which could clear the blocks within my energy field. A day and a half later, I emerged much lighter, with the awareness that Dad was free and actually experiencing the joy of being released from the limitations of his physical body. He revealed himself to me as an energetic ball of light coming from, and then returning to, the totality of all that is. Now that I knew that my Dad was O.K.. I could be too, both of us needing to find a way to thrive in the new landscapes we are finding ourselves in.

So, in conclusion, I wish to say, don't cling on to old outworn issues or patterns that no longer serve you. Keep going within to discover the language of your soul. Keep healing yourself, growing and moving forward. Have a loose relationship to all things physical as one day you will have to let it all go.

It really is all about love - the bridge between two worlds

Sandra x

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