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What is Spiritual Healing?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Another term for Spiritual Healing is Energy Healing. Today most healers prefer to use the term Energy Healing as it reflects a more in-depth knowledge of the healing process and reveals that on the deepest levels everything is made up of energy - from the highest, finest vibration to the most dense. Science has verified that there is a bio-field (also known as the electromagnetic field) emanating through and all around us.

Eastern cultures have long been aware of this energy field. Mystics of old isolated themselves to find ways of going 'within' to discover this. Meditation helped them map out their inner, energetic landscape, handing on knowledge from generation to generation so that each could find their pathway to enlightenment. This is what energy healing actually is - a pathway for us to clear and heal ourselves so that we too can find our way 'home'. The deeper these mystics went, the more they could transcend mundane physical levels, eventually entering into states of ecstatic bliss which they came to know as union with Brahman or God.

Each had a unique way of perceiving and experiencing this map, some could see, others feel or hear the guiding word of God in their core essence. They discovered a bio-field or in more common terms 'energy field', which is a highly complex system which includes nadi points, many chakras, a grid system and an infinite number of 'worlds' or 'subtle bodies' emanating from the physical body which become ever more refined.

The core teaching here is that we are not just a physical body, we are multi-dimensional beings. Our spiritual aspect eternal our physical aspect transient. This suggests that living in a physical form gives us the opportunity to face and work through our challenges so our 'spirit' can evolve.

Most of us are in varying states of dis-ease or imbalance, trying to work things through the best way that we can and quite often getting stuck or caught up in patterns that keep repeating. On physical levels, we can experience these imbalances in many ways such as poor health, difficult relationship issues, inability to move forward, financial worries or lack of spiritual awareness or connection. What most of us don't realise is that all of this can be 'seen' in the energy field by a trained energy healer. This is the place where we can access the causes of the 'physical' issues at much deeper levels.

Is a healer therefore something of a mystic?

There are many healers on our planet at this time and they are very much needed but, because of our modern, quick fix lifestyle, there are some very short courses which give certification after only a few weekends training. Because of the complexity of the energy field (which cannot be perceived by the naked eye) a healer would need to undergo many years of inner development and technical training which is similar to the mystics of old. This is an ongoing lifelong process.

Today, we are living in a scientific age which is slowly starting to accept the possibility of something 'other' than the physical. Could the future be a place where science and spirituality could come together? There are those in the scientific world who may feel that science is their 'God' creating a closed world which would be a setback for unity consciousness.

What does a healer do during a healing and how does it work?

Prior to a healing, the healer goes through a process of attunement which is achieved within meditation. It is a way of opening and speeding up the energy field in order to access a more expanded state of awareness becoming a bridge between the physical and the none physical realms. The healer has a responsibility to ensure she/he has the clearest energy field possible so that the natural healing energies flow well.

Healing can be sent distantly or in person (for more information about Distant Healing see Crystal Light Healing's blog). Within the state of attunement, the healer can scan their client's energy field to locate their issues. For example, there could be an underlying issue in their causal level (their energetic blueprint) which is causing problems in the throat chakra which could manifest as a feeling of physical constriction or issues with expression, which could then have a knock on effect for the sacral chakra, perhaps manifesting as relationship or work issues. Furthermore, their mental and emotional levels could be affected as well and if left unchecked, could eventually manifest as a physical illness. So, one can now see how the whole system is inter-related so things can become quite complicated! There isn't enough scope in this article to go into this in any more detail.

Once the issues have been identified, the healer asks for the universal healing energies to flow through them whilst at the same time channeling this to where it's needed in their client's energy field. The healer may be channeling through the chakras in the palms of their hands, or another area of their energy field. Over time, this process becomes more and more a working relationship between the healer and the spiritual realms. Each healing is completely unique depending on the requirements of their client. Some of the things a qualified healer can do is clear blockages in any area of the energy field, strengthen or restructure where there's damage, calm over stimulated areas and vice-versa, support areas that are in trauma or going through change, provide grounding and/or protection to name just a few. Note that in Crystal Healing there is also a multitude of techniques which can greatly enhance the potency of the healing.

At the start of the healing, the client is guided into a state of deep relaxation within a safe and energetically protected space, remaining in this state until the healing session is over. This may be the very first time in a long time someone has been cared for so completely.

It is beneficial for the client to be 'open' to receive the healing energies and to be prepared to work through the subtle changes that will inevitably follow.

The client does not necessarily need to 'believe' in Energy or Crystal Healing for it to work.

Energy Healing doesn't use crystals and is therefore for everyone. It is a very safe, gentle form of healing which can be very helpful with more sensitive conditions. If the healer is physically present, the healer will not need to touch the physical body during the healing, apart from gently touching the shoulders and the feet at the beginning and the end of the healing respectively. The client may sit or lie down to receive the healing and, as with crystal healing, can be given distantly. Healing can be given in a variety of places including hospitals and hospices.

What is happening in the energy field on a deeper level after the healing?

After a healing session, there is a remembrance in the energy filed of the enhanced state. If the client is ready to work through their issues then healing or transformation will follow. The client would therefore be working in alignment with the healing. However, if the client isn't ready to do the work, that particular area of the energy field will be overridden until they are eventually ready to start work to face that particular issue. Because of the time delay here, the client may need a further session/s in case any other new issues have overshadowed any previous work.

It is rare that issues can be 'fixed' in just one session, although a great deal of change can be instigated. A group of three sessions is beneficial, then monthly/bi-monthly sessions thereafter until the changes are fully manifested. The end goal is for the client to be given the tools to become empowered and independent. Energy Healing is a complementary therapy which helps to speed recovery when used alongside conventional medicine.

What can healing help with?

Soul Purpose / Direction Manifestation (Bringing Ideas into Physical Reality) Personal growth / Spiritual development Development of greater levels of joy and happiness Anxiety reduction Boundary / Protection issues Physical / Emotional balance and stability issues Clearing / Clarity / Focus Creativity / Confidence issues Communication issues Connection to Higher Guidance Life Changes / Transitions Release from Stuck or Outworn Patterns Stress Release Pre - Post Operative Care

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