A crystal healing mandala consisting of lapis lazuli and carnelian tumble stones. Each crystal is especially chosen and is therefore unique.

Lapis Lazuli & Carnelian

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  • This Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian Mandala combines the indigo, gold and orange rays. Lapis Lazuli relates to knowlege and deep inner wisdom. The highest wisdom can be accesed through the infusion of the gold ray caused by the pyrite within the crystal. Lapis also has a strong protective aspect.

    The carnelian grounds energy whilst strengthening, enriching and helping us access our inner creativity.

    So the 'key note' of this combination is to align knowledge and wisdom into what you wish to create. This particular layout also links into our energetic grid system which relates to how we interact with the outside world.


    Please note that several if not many of our layers may need to be worked through and cleared in order to reach higher levels of development, so consistent energywork is recommended. 


    All the crytals have been spiritually cleansed and dedicated for the highest good prior to purchase.