What is Energy Healing?

Updated: Jul 19

Another term for Energy Healing is Spiritual Healing. Today most healers prefer to use the term Energy Healing as it reflects a more in-depth knowledge of the healing process and reveals that on a deeper level everything is made up of energy - from the highest, finest vibration to the most dense.

Energy Healing is for everyone. It is a very safe, gentle form of healing that doesn't use crystals. This form of healing can be very helpful with more sensitive conditions. As with Crystal Healing, the healer channels higher, vibrational healing energy through their fully attuned bodies (particularly the hands) into the client's energy field which includes the chakras and other energetic levels. If the healer is physically present, the healer will not need to touch the physical body during the healing, apart from gently touching the shoulders and the feet at the beginning and the end of the healing respectively. The client may sit or lie down to receive the healing and, as with crystal healing, it can also be given distantly.

The client does not need to believe in Energy or Crystal Healing for it to work. The healer works on the energy field anyway and only requires the client to relax and be open to receiving help.

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