About Sandra Pepper MVHF MCHF


Sandra is a fully qualified Crystal and Energy Healer. She trained at the Vibrational Healing Foundation, one of the leading Crystal and Energy Healing schools in London, England. Sandra has been given the gift of inner vision and shamanic journeying which are the tools that underpin her energy work. These gifts are particularly useful in cases of soul retrieval or soul rescue.

Sandra Pepper

She holds the Diploma in Crystal and Energy Healing (two years study), the Post Graduate Diploma in Crystal and Energy Healing (one years study) and the Teaching Diploma in Crystal and Energy Healing.

Sandra has a love and deep respect for the mineral kingdom and of the natural world. It is her wish that we should all try to develop a deeper understanding and closer relationship with the healing energies of nature.

"Crystals are one of the Earth's natural healing tools. Linking with them connects us with higher spiritual energies and the healing energies of the Earth. To remain in balance, we must also remember that we are a part of the Earth and of nature. We should never be separated from it."

Sandra is based in North London, England.


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